Assessment Center

Study data show:
Forty-two percent of students are dissatisfied with their major
Forty-nine percent said the choice of major had a significant impact on employment
Fifty-eight percent of the students chose their major according to others' opinions
65% of students would choose another major if possible
Seventy-four percent of the graduates had jobs unrelated to their major
Three key issues:
What kind of job/major do I want? (meaning of life)
What do job/major I like? (source of happiness)
What job/major best utilizes my abilities? (ability & character advantage)
Profiles International

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An evaluation chart report and program interpretation guide that recommend the most suitable positions from 20+ industries and 1000+ different locations.



Internship Program

All things are difficult at the beginning. Obtaining internship experience is the first step from 0 to 1 for job seekers at home and abroad. It is also the most difficult step. According to a study of


Certified Career Coach

Our instructors provide career planning one-to-one tutorials and provide personalized interpretation and guidance to students and parents who have completed Profiles International career assessment.