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Study data show:
Forty-two percent of students are dissatisfied with their major
Forty-nine percent said the choice of major had a significant impact on employment
Fifty-eight percent of the students chose their major according to others' opinions
65% of students would choose another major if possible
Seventy-four percent of the graduates had jobs unrelated to their major
Our career assessment helps students explore three key life issues:
What kind of job/major do I want? (meaning of life)
What do job/major I like? (source of happiness)
What job/major best suits my abilitiesg? (ability & character advantage)
Profiles International
The world's leading measurement tool:
25 years of experience, 125 countries, 33 evaluation languages, 48 million people evauated
Three sections, six sections, 20 dimensions, 314 questions, 60 minutes online evaluation,
Results unique to each person
The evaluation chart report and program interpretation guide recommend the most suitable positions from 20+ dimensions and 1000+ different locations.

Profiles International, founded in 1991, is an International authoritative assessment organization with comprehensive assessment tools and a founding member of the International assessment association ATP. After seven years of close and long-term tracking of 100,000 students and professionals, the first evaluation tool was launched in 1998. In 2008, it launched the blackstone student assessment tool, completed the localization and entered the Chinese market. To date, more than 48 million assessments and evaluations have been conducted in more than 40,000 schools and businesses in 125 countries.

Target of Evaluation:
1. Thinking style (learning ability)
The ability to reflect interpersonal communication, through the evaluation of word and number ability, shows the tendency and effectiveness of the subject to absorb and use various information.
2. Vocational interest
It reflects the job type that the individual likes, and shows the preferences or interest types of the subjects for various occupations.
3. Behavioral characteristics (personality)
It reflects people's personality tendency and shows their tendency to behave in the work environment.

Evaluation purpose:
let be a comprehensive understanding of their own style of thinking, behavior characteristics and career interests, and tap their potential to the full;
to help high school students choose professional in colleges and universities;
to help college students and young workers to choose the appropriate professional;
to help each student find their interests and advantages, will become your best;
for school counselors and professional consultants, to provide comprehensive and reliable information. 
International certified career guidance teacher one-to-one guidance
Internationally certified career coach with a combination of theory, tool and application; The origin and use of positive psychology and career theory;   Systematically impart the interpretation and application of each index;   By means of simulation interpretation and coaching practice, the assessment is applied to students' career planning and further study planning, so as to make learning plans for students.

The instructors provide career planning one-to-one tutorials and provide personalized interpretation and guidance to students and parents who have completed Profiles International career assessment

The counseling covers:
1. Description of evaluation report
2. Career recommendation
3. Professional recommendation
Duration: 60 minutes


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