Exclusive Teaching Module


Jumpstart VIP Mentorship Program Exclusive Teaching Module

Designed for students with career goals in finance, consulting, technology, or accounting.

Module 1: set career goals and consolidate basic skills

1. Overseas employment environment literacy;
2. Career paths for each major;
3. Overview of industry fundamentals;
4. Comprehensive assessment of students' interests and abilities;
5. Professional interest point guidance and mining;
6. Academic program planning consultation;
a. Choose courses reasonably and keep high GPA;
b. Career-oriented school choice, course selection, professional transfer advice;
7. Career planning consulting;
a. Job-oriented extracurricular activities planning;
b. Well-known companies freshman and sophomore recruitment project application plan;
c. Full-time job application schedule planning;
8. Personal perfect professional image building;
a. Resume, cover letter refinement;
b. Linkedin page information optimization;
c. Follow-up Email, Networking Email and Thank you Letter modification;
9. Workplace social skills training;
a. Quickly integrate into the local culture;
b. Use resources around you to build your network;
Module 2: internship express, building a perfect resume

1. Customized internship opportunities from different industries to improve students' background;
2. Direct referal program at home and abroad;

Module 3: real world case practice from top-tier enterprises

1. Arrange tutors from top-tier enterprises and customize real case practice projects of enterprises according to the comprehensive situation of students;
2. Make students understand the real world work content of the target industry and company;
3. Based on the customized practical project background and requirements, students learn how to plan the project schedule, collect data, apply methodology, and produce deliverables;
4. Effectively improve students' hard and soft skills and competitiveness in job hunting, and obtain the recommendation letter from the mentor.

Module 4: special training of interview technics to win the ideal offer

1. targeted Industry, company  in-depth analysis;
2. Interview skills training;
3. Behavioral interview preparation;
4. Interview preparation for technical questions;
5. Case study interview preparation;
6. Jumpstart exclusive interview intensive training;
7. Mock interviews.
Module 5: auxiliary learning system, get twice the result with half the effort

1. Elite industry mentors answer questions daily without limit;
2. 5 on 1 teaching system;
3. Senior industry experts online and offline lectures;
4. Exclusive work experience sharing;
5. Jumpstart private learning materials.