One-Stop Service Flow


Program consultation, career assessment, scientific and customized job-seeking program

1. Assess the background of each student on a one-to-one basis with a career planner
2. Target industry/company accurately
3. Customize the best job search solution
Signing and filing, matching tutors and resources

1. Complete program signing and payment
2. Establish student information and service files
3. Match elite tutors according to students' background and target career direction
Follow up and optimize the career development plan
1. During the program, students' academic performance, tutor's feedback, and internship received will be evaluated continuously
2. Continuously optimize the career development plan correctly, and finalize and formulate a strict job-hunting timeline.

Experience inheritance, industry mentor 5 to 1 teaching by word and deeds

1. Target industry analysis and target position disclosure;
2. Elite tutor one-on-one resume modification, Networking training, simulated interview, etc;
3. Exclusive job information integration, employment experience sharing;
4. After class, students can ask questions without limit.

Background enhancement, entering the field of practical training

1. To help students get referals of high-value internship programs based on their job seeking progress.
2. At present, selected quality internship positions, both online and offline, are available in over 100 core cities and regions around the world
3. Based on the comprehensive situation of students, real case practice is customized, so that students can understand the real life work methods, improve soft and hard skills, improve  job seeking competitiveness, and get recommendation letters from tutors.

Receive Offer, career strategy sharing
1. Offer selection strategy;
2. Advice on future career development;
3. Workplace experience sharing.