Mentors from top firms teach hand in hand.


Jumpstart Career is a high-end customized career development consulting company for overseas students. The founding team of the company has rich experience in top investment banks, consulting and technology companies, as well as long-term recruitment and training experience.
We take it as our mission to provide professional and high-level customized career development consulting services to our students. As experienced mentors, we fully appreciate the critical role a good mentor can play in the career development process. We hope that we can rely on our wealthy professional contacts, as well as our experience as a candidate and as a company recruiter, to open up a path to career success for future generations.
We offer professional and practical job-hunting and industry insight courses, as well as the original master-apprentice program, to comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of job seekers through immersion training. For job seekers from different regions of the world, we will design and customize particular career development programs to help students obtain ideal OFFER and tap their career potential.
Jumpstart Career has a vast industry network. After several rounds of selection, more than 3000 core mentor teams are widely distributed in the United States, the United Kingdom, mainland China, Hong Kong, Canada, France, Japan, Germany and other places, working in such as Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Google and other world-renowned companies, with different education and family background. Therefore, according to students' experiences and career goals, we can provide highly targeted mentor matching and in-depth customized services.

One-Stop Professional Service

Program consultation, career assessment, scientific and customized job-seeking program
  1. Assess the background of each student on a one-to-one basis with a career planner
  2. Target industry/company accurately
  3. Customize the best job search solution
Signing and filing, matching tutors and resources
  1. Complete program signing and payment
  2. Establish student information and service files
  3. Match elite tutors according to students' background and target career direction
Follow up and optimize the career development plan
  1. During the program, students' academic performance, tutor's feedback, and internship received will be evaluated continuously
  2. Continuously optimize the career development plan correctly, and finalize and formulate a strict job-hunting timeline.
Experience inheritance, industry mentor 5 to 1 teaching by word and deeds
  1. Target industry analysis and target position disclosure;
  2. Elite tutor one-on-one resume modification, Networking training, simulated interview, etc;
  3. Exclusive job information integration, employment experience sharing;
  4. After class, students can ask questions without limit.
Background enhancement, entering the field of practical training
  1. To help students get referals of high-value internship programs based on their job seeking progress.
  2. At present, selected quality internship positions, both online and offline, are available in over 100 core cities and regions around the world
  3. Based on the comprehensive situation of students, real case practice is customized, so that students can understand the real life work methods, improve soft and hard skills, improve  job seeking competitiveness, and get recommendation letters from tutors.
Receive Offer, career strategy sharing
  1. Offer selection strategy;
  2. Advice on future career development;
  3. Workplace experience sharing.

Jumpstart Competitive Advantage

i. Outstanding record of students: in the 2017-2020 application season, 100% of all students have won offers from their target industry!
ii. Top tutors in the industry: matching professionals from top companies in finance, consulting, technology and other sectors according to students' job objectives, and help students improve their abilities and stimulate their career potential through one-to-one mentoring.
iii. 5 to 1 elite tutor service team: master teacher, target industry tutor, clerical tutor, learning housekeeper, assistant tutor fully cooperate, closely follow up and supervise the teaching progress and job application throughout the process, and assist in solving the problems of students.
iv. Profiles International professional evaluation standard questionnaire and certified career guidance instructor to interpret the course, evaluate the students' ability in a comprehensive way with scientific methods, fully grasp the students' situation, and make customized career planning.
v. Scientific and standard curriculum setting: the standardized curriculum, jointly designed and developed by career mentors, corporate admissions officers and VP-level professionals, provides students with all-round guidance, including course selection, transfer, job hunting, social contact, and life
vi. Internship fast track: cooperate with more than 500 large and medium-sized institutions at home and abroad, provide students with online and offline internship opportunities in finance, consulting, technology and other industries throughout the year, help students fill gaps in their resumes, and face full-time recruitment calmly!
vii. Unlimited online Q&A: tutors can answer students' questions about job-hunting in their spare time and give the most timely job-hunting guidance.
Massive job-searching information: the latest recruitment information of prominent companies is updated continuously for students to use for free, first-hand job information at any time.

Jumpstart VIP Mentorship Program Introduction


Program Short-term Sprint Program Classic Program VIP Mentorship Program
Target Student Close to Graducation Seniors No Limit
Program Duration <1 Year 1-3 Years 1-3+Years
Background Assessment  
Career Path Planning  
Academic Planning    
Foreign Culture Immersion  
Job Hunting Strategy
Job search route/time point planning    
Preparation of application materials  
Internship Application    
Extracurricular activities planning    
 Leadership training    
Industry profile    
Industry insight and in-depth analysis
Resume editing and polishing (ongoing)
Cover letter editing and polishing (ongoing)
LinkedIn usage strategy and profile refinement
Networking training
Networking capability advanced
Behavioral interview preparation and skill development
Technical interview preparation and skill development
Remote video interview/group interview preparation
Stress test special training
Mock interview
Case interview
Referral Opportunity    
Overseas internship experience On Demand On Demand On Demand
  Realworld Case Practice On Demand On Demand On Demand
New employee orientation  
Time management skills and prioritization    
Workplace relationship management    
Lifelong learning ability    
Career development strategy    
Common software training    
Work-life balance    
 Face-to-face meet with guru    
Job application time line and major companies recruitment timetable summary
Exclusive interview preparation materials (written test/behavior/technology/video/group interview question set)
Industry experts lecture sharing